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Supply Chain Solutions that Deliver

Dough Taylor Solutions t/a DT Express were founded in 1999. We deliver competitive advantage to each of our client’s supply chains, and we are committed to delivering value that will help clients succeed in today’s uncertain economic environment. This means maintain an external focus on the global marketplace, being alert to potential obstacles as well as opportunities, and having solutions ready that can eliminate complexity. DT Express Domestic specialised in the movement of envelopes, small parcels to and from any business address in Southern Africa.

The Company deliver daily to major, regional and outlying destination. DT Express delivers to 400 destinations and 1000 outlying areas bi-weekly. DT. Express has an excellent record of on-time delivery also extends beyond the South African borders into countries like Zimbabwe, Namibia, Botswana, Lesotho and Swaziland.

DT. Express Value Proposition

Quantified Value

DT. Express provides value to our clients by delivering measurable improvements in supply chain performance. We will measure and report our performance to our clients and quantified the benefits we deliver to them in business terms that are meaningful to the clients.

End to End Visibility

We integrated our processes and our technology with our clients, airlines, steamship lines and other partners to provide end to end visibility, and utilize that information to provide control to our clients to better manage their supply chain.

Service Excellence & Passion

Service Excellence talks to our commitment to quality in everything we do, and passion and agility describes our ability to inspire and support each other as enterprise teams in delivering quantified value to each of our client’s supply chains.

Supply Chain Services

Service Excellence talks to our commitment to quality in everything we do, and passion and agility describes our ability to inspire and support each other as enterprise teams in delivering quantified value to each of our client’s supply chains.

IT Systems

Designed with "Ease of Use" in mind

All our IT Solutions have been designed with ”Ease of Use “in mind. A further benefit is that clients are able to use their own unique reference number throughout the system.

Customer Service

DT. Express has a National Contact Centre to assist clients with arranging collections and deliveries. We have a specialized team that’s been trained in dealing with queries. The Contact Centre Operating hours are: Monday to Friday 07H00 – 18H00. On Saturdays and Public Holidays all calls will be diverted to Operations Manager in order to ensure 24/7 availability to our clients.

Track & Trace

DT Solutions track and trace the progress of your parcel, from collecting right through to delivery.

We also monitor movement as many times in between as may be necessary to ensure the parcel visibility to its final destination.

Express Service Offerings

DT Solutions is a global, non-asset based supply chain and distribution business providing supply chain logistics service and planning and optimisation solutions. The company services include air and ocean freight forwarding, customs brokerage and warehousing services such as the coordination of shipping and the storage of raw materials, supplies, Components and finished goods. DT. Solutions also offers customer specific solutions for distribution, inbound logistics and truckload brokerage. Through it supply chain planning and optimisation services, the company assists clients in designing and implementing systems that improve the predictability and visibility which reduces the overall cost of their supply chains.

D.T. Express Distribution Service Offerings

Our 8 Branches offer a variety of the above services to towns, regional towns and outlying towns. DT. Express has 8 branches offering 24/7/ service to the Johannesburg, East London, Cape Town, Durban, Bloemfontein and Port Elizabeth, Ladysmith and Empangeni.

Regional towns

Regional towns are serviced by DT.Solutions on a daily basis.

Track & Trace

Outlying towns are services either bi-weekly or on an ad hoc basis. These towns do not appear on the Route Guide but can be supplied via email.

Same Day

DT. Express has a Same Day service. This service is used in times of extreme urgency where a package is needed in another town on the same day.

Express Service

DT. Express also offers an Express Service, delivery by 10H30 to Main centres.


Our Economy Service provides a more cost effective means of shipping large volume consignments. With this service, parcels are transported via road to main and 5 regional centres within a day or two. Outlying areas require a 72 hours delivery time.

Over border BLNS

(cross border) and Intercontinental delivery service. We offer both an Express Service and an Economy Service (Road Freight). Delivery times do differ between the two services and are also influenced by client clearance and border conditions.


All non-document shipments and document shipments exceeding 3kgs must be accompanied by supplier Tax Invoices/Customs declarations to facilitate their importation into the destination countries. Non-compliance will compromise service standards.

Customs Brokerage

Whether you’re importing or exporting, a vital part of moving shipments seamlessly and efficiently from point of origin to destination is all the necessary documentation. We ensure electronic connection to local customs, pre-clearance at port of entry prior to arrival, clearance documentation, tariff classification, duty and tax determination – everything you require to keep goods moving at a cost effective pace along the supply chain.