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Large & Heavy Shipments

Air Freight and Sea Freight Forwarding, Consolidation Loads & Custom Brokerage

This division had been running for a few years, however in January 2012, we decided to really focus on growing this service and have managed to make ourselves known in the market place with this service

We offer the following services :
Air Freight Forwarding:

International airfreight forwarding has been one of our strengths. Our experience in airfreight forwarding includes a vast range of commodities. We have been expanding the types of cargo that we handle to include commodities for the steel industry, minerals for the mining houses, Marketing materials for the African Banks and equipment for some of South Africa's largest companies.

Sea Freight Forwarding:

In the field of international ocean freight forwarding, D.T. Solutions make use of shipping lines' transportation services. The flow of ocean freight forwarding is basically the same as that of airfreight, but in addition to the consolidation services, we also transport full container loads and provide the same meticulous service. In this year alone, we have been getting more orders for transporting specialized freight, including hazardous minerals for mining houses. We have received international customer acclaims because of the high quality service we provide.

Consolidation Loads:

At D.T. Solutions, we offer consolidated service solutions by which cargo is collected from multiple shippers. The cargo is then sorted and accumulated per airport at overseas destinations, and consigned as D.T. Solutions cargo to our chosen airlines partners. Our export services include document preparations for air carriage, customs clearance and surface transportation. We provide such services through a closely, integrated network within our sales division, relevant branches and global operations divisions. Once the consolidated cargo arrives at its destination airport, D.T. Solutions' local subsidiary or appointed agent picks the consignment up at the airline warehouse for import customs clearance and delivery to the consignee.

Custom Brokerage:

Making the customs process simple and fast! Our staff are trained and dedicated to navigate the complex customs process. With our understanding of the documentation and licensing requirements, legal and insurance concerns, knowledge of local procedures and office hours, and our use of cutting-edge information and communications technology, D.T. Solutions will get your shipment through customs without any unnecessary aggravation or expense. In addition to ensuring that the process is fast, efficient and transparent, once your shipments have cleared customs, our worldwide transportation and warehousing networks allow us to offer door-to-door delivery solutions.


For more information or quotes on any of the above services, please contact Mark Johnson on 011-823-4623 or via email on mark@timesensitive.co.za

Shipping Line Sailing Schedule & Stacks Closure Dates:

We use mainly MSC vessels, as one of our preferred suppliers. For sailing schedules, please click on the link below marked “Sailing Schedules” and you will be redirected to the MSC website and will be able to view upcoming Sailing Schedules.